5.20.07 - First Showing. FILE Contributor Aline Smithson had her first museum showing, " Stolen Identities" at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fort Collins, Colorado from May 29 through August 25th. 2007.

2.21.08 - AK47 MIA. We were disturbed to see that the photo magazine AK47 has disappeared. Let us know if you know what happened.

10.3.06 -Leaked Information. The Fall 2006 issue of Lightleaks Magazine features the winners of our Toy Camera Contest. We urge you to check out this fine publication.

9.27.06 -More Than Just Ink. The venerable JPG Magazine, run by contributors Derek Powazek and his wife Heather Champ, just relaunched. Members can now upload photos, submit to themes, and review other photographers' submissions. Contributors get a free year subscription and $100! See their newly expanded site for details. They are currently seeking submissions for three themes: Big, Hometown, and Self-portraiture. Check it out!

Interiors 9.7.06 - Part Deux. Our friends at Coudal Partners threw a contest and let us in on the fun. It was pretty simple: "Take an extreme close-up of some everyday object that makes for an interesting composition, but makes it difficult to identify what the object is." Check it out.

8.22.06 - Mmmm. Cheese. FILE contributor Emiliano Granado has decided to complicate his life in a wonderful way: he is going to run an online photography magazine. His Queso Frito showcases photography by emerging artists. Good luck to Emiliano!

8.17.06 - Sadness. We were extremely sad to hear of the untimely death of FILE Contributor Tim Frank. Tim was badly injured travelling from Pokhara to Kathmandu on July 7th when his motorbike collided with a bus in Dhading, and he died in the operating room at the B&B Hospital in Kathmandu. His collaborator, Chris Dixon, has posted a tribute on the website they maintained together.

8.15.06 - Mouthing Off. Contributor and Toy Camera Contest prize contributor Justin Quinnell is releasing a book of his work, Mouthpiece, next month. Order it on Amazon (UK), or if you are in Bristol, England in September, look for the book launch at the Arnolfini.

8.11.06 - Time. Once again, it's time to buy crap you don't need! FILE logo swag is available for purchase at bargain prices.

More time for crap!

Check it out -- operators are standing by. The meager profits help support this site.

8.3.06 - Customer Confusion. While shopping in IKEA last night, we were astounded to see that LIFE Magazine now makes fruit preserves!

Makers of fine saltgurka skivad

Upon closer inspection we noticed we were wrong, but we are alarmed at the potential damage to the venerable magazine from such egregious erosion of their brand. Read more on this pressing issue.

6.26.06 - Judgement Days. Judging has started for the Toy Camera Contest. Good luck to all of those who entered. Winners to be announced soon.

5.11.06 - Restoring Memory. Operation Photo Rescue helps people whose lives have been affected by natural disasters by restoring their damaged and cherished photographs. If you have the time and abilities, please consider volunteering your skills to this worthy cause.

4.24.06 - Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged Yourself. The Editors of FILE were honored to be judges in the 2006 Photobloggies Awards, dedicated to celebrating photoblogging around the world.

4.17.06 - Baby Talk. We are pleased to announce that we have a new sponsor, Lensbabies. Lensbabies are selective focus SLR camera lenses that bring one area of your photo into sharp focus, with that sweet spot surrounded by graduated blur. Need an example? Check out Draws My Eye, by Manny Crisostomo, or some of the fine examples on the Lensbaby website.

4.09.06 - Go Away. We have created a Links page that features fellow travelers in the online photography magazine trade, plus links to other photo-related sites. Check it out, and use our Feedback Form to suggest other links.

1.16.06 - Branching out. FILE's editors, Apatrick and Beerzie Boy, were interviewed in Treehouse Magazine. We were honored and really enjoyed it. Check out and support this fine web development publication.

11.10.05 - Flick On. Contributor Jim Walker has set up a FILE Flickr group. Check it out.

2.11.05 - Click This. Five minutes of fame, English style. FILE was featured on the BBC's Click Online show. Check it out! (Requires Real Player)

photo by chris bodenner

photo by wade beals

photo by rebecca adams